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Friday kinda Rocks

So, I am assuming this was not the Friday that you expected to be having this week.

All of us working from home, or minding kids, or watching our parents don't try to sneak out, or feeling a little under the weather from some bug (either the usual Spring ones or the one you are waiting for testing from), or all of the above, we have had a rougher week than we all expected.

That is why I thought we could all do with a bit of fun on a Friday. If you are the kind of person who was emotionally scarred by art class as a kid (or you are a kid who doesn't like art), then THIS is the fun day!

For most of the people who have lived around Frederick, Maryland, for a while now (or maybe you are new to the area and where missing this key piece of information), have reveled in a local phenomenon called "Frederick Rocks". This is a really cool project to do from home and their Facebook page is full of advice (please only share images on social media and DO NOT put out the rocks at the moment). For those who do NOT live in the area - you are SO going to love this idea!

Are you confused yet? Well, this project involves painting (look at the page to get specific lists of paints and sealant to use) a rock with a fun image or message, and then (usually) leaving them (hiding them) around town and especially the central park in the area (Baker Park), for others to find. These rocks are found all over town. Most people take a photo of their rock and upload it to social media when they find them. Yes, it sounds kinds silly, but it is extraordinarily fun.

At the moment, Frederick Rocks and The Kindness Rocks project, are trying to persuade people from placing rocks around outside (so that we all stay socially responsible and stay away from each other), but are encouraging people to paint fun and uplifting images and words on rocks and to share them online. This is such a fun way to connect with people online and to give a complete stranger in your community, that special feeling of serendipity.

So, I am encouraging you all to get into the community spirit and paint a rock or two today (or over the weekend). Write down your plans for where you want to hide it (when quarantine and isolation times are over), and share it (the rock image) with us and Frederick Rocks online. We can all do with the encouragement from others, and this is such a small way (but important way) to make someone else happy. Perhaps placing them around your home for family members to find (and to cheer them up) would be a fun activity for now? Or email and image of your rock to a friend who could do with some fun and cheer?

Besides, you can show off your awesome painting (or quoting) skills! Be sure to share with us too, and tag us at #fbacrocks and #fbac, so we can also see them. If you live anywhere that needs encouragement now, consider starting this trend in your neighborhood (when you are allowed out). It gives people SO much pleasure when they find one of these rocks! We don't need perfection in painting, just a kind word or a fun image. And, for now, hold on to those fun pieces of art to distribute when it is safer to share them outside.

Now, go find that perfect rock...

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