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The Mission of the Frederick Book Arts Center:

Teach the craft and techniques associated with the Art of the Book. Letterpress printing, printmaking, book binding, photography, and language arts are taught through a combination of workshops, field trips, school visits, and classes and exhibitions. 

All members of the community are welcome at FBAC.


As part of the year-end fundraiser we are making some items available to our donors that showcase what we do and are tokens of how much we care about our community.


$2 - $25: We will send you a thank-you letter

$25: Receive a copy of our special year-end print and thank you letter

$50: Receive a FBAC face mask, copy of our year-end print, and thank you letter

$75: Adopt our Bailey Press! Get a print of Bailey and Certificate of Adoption, fact sheet about this unique press and quarterly updates about his recent accomplishments and doings; you will also get a thank you letter and print but not a facemask- you can also request a face mask instead of the adoption via email to

$150: get all of the previous appreciation gifts including both adoption and mask

$500: we will say "Hallelujah!" and you will receive the book of questions that we gave at the $300 level last year plus all of the 2020 appreciation gifts

$1,000: we will print you a card that says “Hot Schifferstadtamn” and you will receive all of the previous appreciation gifts

Or, if you request, we will NOT print a card that says “Hot Schifferstadtamn”

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217 West Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701

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