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The Mission of the Frederick Book Arts Center is to teach the craft and techniques associated with the Art of the Book. Letterpress printing, printmaking, bookbinding, photography, and language arts will be taught through a combination of workshops, field trips, school visits, and classes. All members of the community will have the opportunity to learn, intern, and display work at the Center.


The Frederick Book Arts Center will provide members with the space and equipment necessary to create artwork in the book arts and printing traditions. Artists can utilize letterpress and digital production capability, a complete book bindery, printmaking studio, and screen printing and photographic darkroom. In addition to traditional book arts techniques, artists can explore experimental printmaking and alternative photography processes and experimental (such as zines and sculptural books) and new book forms. Workshops led by staff, volunteers, and visiting specialists will take place throughout the year, providing opportunities to students of all ages to learn by utilizing the equipment and expertise of the Center.


Bookmaking has always been a collaborative process and the FBAC will be a resource to foster ventures between established and emerging artists from all parts of our community. The gallery will provide a means to display the work of members and workshop pieces as well as select featured artists, with the goal of furthering public exposure to the Art of the Book.

FBAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our tax forms are available for public inspection at (Guidestar)with many other nonprofits, or can be provided upon request with the Financial Officer or Board Treasurer through the contact email.

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