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Class Cancelation Policy

To ensure fairness to people on class waitlists who may need to adjust schedules in space-limited classes and to ensure classes reach needed minimal enrollment, we request that all students who need to cancel do so by emailing before the cancelation deadline: (The cancelation deadline is 10 days before an in person class or multi-day Zoom class, and 5 days before a single day Zoom class). Classes canceled before this cancelation deadline are eligible for a full refund. If you are unable to attend your class after the cancellation deadline has passed, you may request credit towards a future FBAC class if you email within 5 days of the missed class. Multi-day class cancelation deadlines are counted from the first class day. FBAC does not offer prorated class credits or refunds for students who miss an individual class in a series. Class credits can not be exchanged for a refund. Class credit must be used within 6 months. 


This return policy does not apply to additional class fees including but not limited to supplies, kits, materials or other class specific fees. The availability to cancel, return, refund and/or credit supplies, kits, materials or other class specific fees will be decided on an individual class basis. 


Occasionally, FBAC may need to cancel a class due to weather, illness, or other unforeseen circumstance. FBAC will announce their cancelation via email as soon as identification of  cancellation is necessary. FBAC will coordinate with teachers and students for the best time to offer the replacement class. For any student who is unable to attend the replacement class, or if a replacement is not feasible, their choice of a refund or credit will be offered. In the case of cancelling a single class in a series, their choice of refund or credit will be prorated for the cancelled class. 


Certain FBAC classes require a minimum attendance in order to run. If a student signs up for a class that looks like it may not run due to low attendance, students will be notified via email at least 7 days prior to class that there is a chance of cancellation. Last minute sign-ups are common, particularly for our Zoom classes. FBAC will send out an email notification of cancellation due to low enrollment no later than 48 hours before in-person classes and 4 hours before Zoom classes. 

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