Project to make: mini pamphlet book

Make a mini pamphlet book from one piece of paper!

At the Frederick Book Arts Center we LOVE making books, and we especially love being able to share that passion with our little ones. One of our favorites to make with the kids is this mini pamphlet stitch made from one folded down piece of printer paper! This is a great introduction to bookbinding and has a very simple sewing pattern that will make your kiddos feel like they’re the next Gutenberg! 


1 sheet of copy paper

1 colorful sheet of 5.5 in x 4.5 in (optional cover)



Knife that is not serrated

Sewing needle

Embroidery floss

Magazine or notebook

Start by taking your piece of copy paper and fold it in half hamburger style; then fold it again; and then one last time! If you want your book to have a fun and colorful cover, now is the time to cut that paper down to 5.5in x 4.5in, fold it in half hamburger style and then set it aside for later.