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And...Haiku times! 5-7-5. Competition.

Tuesdays have been a special feature this month online with social media...#haikuesday. This is a time when groups post prompts for a poem, and people compose a haiku towards some type of competition. Our fav local one is with @downtownfrederick and @curiousiguana ( Every Tuesday, our local Indie bookstore post a photo and asks for Haikus ...and someone gets to win a gift certificate.

Now, I know some people are asking themselves.."Haiku? I remember that word." Well, let me give you the easy version of a refresher:

And here is the page to read : and here is a how-to guide:

It's as easy as 5, 7, why don't you write us a haiku (from their new prompt) and send it to our friends at Curious Iguana next Tuesday, and have a look at this week's post (and winner) which has already been posted on our Facebook page.

Image from WikiHow and Creative Commons.

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