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What schedule? (Have some fun)

If you home is anything like mine at the moment, you are probably scrambling still to find a bit of a schedule to normalize things as much as possible. For people with kids, Maryland just started back for classes (and for some colleges too) yesterday online. This and all the other work-from-home variations are chaotic and need some regulation.

My schedule is weird. I have two grown-up kids (so no real homeschooling - been there, done that), but I have one at home with us now because she needs to recover from pneumonia (negative for that OTHER virus). Still, we are locked down because of the risk of extra infection...and today, pretty much everyone else (except essential services) got to join the complete lockdown. I write this blog and get a small amount of work done (about 2hrs a day now), cook dinner with my spouse, work at planning some of my garden (its planting time), walk a bit, rewatch some of Deep Space Nine (my spouse and I are working our way through the seasons, two episodes at a time each night), and then the rest are aspirations for the future. Netflix has become my best friend. And don't dis my show choices!

But we all need a little time for creativity to relieve some stress. Even if you are an artist, and your work is creating, you need to take the time to play. Everyone needs to play.

Luckily, we have been working at adding some demos and fun info to keep you striving for that "play" part! Take a little bit of time each day to do something creative to get your mind off everything.

This is a picture we took when Chris Fritton came to visit us and do demos at Frederick Book Arts Center earlier this year. Its a great quote and I thought it might give you some ideas for creativity today.

In the coming days/weeks, we will have some printing, printmaking, kids art projects, and much more (of course, bookbinding). We will endeavor to give you as many options as possible to see great stuff and to learn a few things along the way.

If you have any ideas for our blog (or things you would like to see us do for demos as videos, or pictures and instructions), please send me a email at . We love the feedback and look forward to your ideas. We could have fish-rubbing prints (yes, that's a thing), shaving-cream marbling, links to things to watch and do online, artists talks, or even an mini online show. And remember, keep sharing your projects and photos with us (it cheers us up too).

Should we have a pet print show? Or a recycled materials art show? there are SO many possibilities for us show you the way.

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