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Printmaking - what is it?

Lots of people don't know the difference between one type of printmaking and another. I'm a printmaker and (occasionally) I need to look some of these up - usually the ones I don't do (or do as often).

Wiki has a great section on this which outlines "which are which" and what consitututes printmaking versus say, painting or copying.

Printmaking is a really fun avenue to go down if you are either an artist in another medium or just someone looking to explore this art format.

FBAC teaches relief, Lithograph, Monotypes, Etching, Drypoint, and occasionally other forms of printmaking.

We have the benefit of access to a wonderful old printmaking press that is owned by Christopher Madden, a great local artist in Frederick - we are babysitting it! We also have a NEW big beautiful French press that does everything from etching to relief. And we have a Litho press - we are working on that setup (there are additional pieces of equipment that go along with a litho press).

Over the Winter, we will be offering some printmaking classes. One of these will be with Scip Barnhart, a professor at Georgetown University, who has a great Linoleum/relief printmaking class! I hope you will be able to join us (by Zoom).

This, is NOT one of Scip's prints - it is the Famous one of "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" - a different method of printmaking known as woodblock printing - which we offer on and off too.

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