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Meet The Presses

One of the best things FBAC has to offer is our array of printmaking,  bookbinding equipment, letterpress, and other machines we have for creators to use. Most of our presses and other machines have a history and  story - and they all have a personality!  Scroll below to learn a little about the who's who of machines at FBAC as well as how each one likes to be taken care of. 


Most of our presses and other machines have come to us through donation, contributors, and being in the right place at the right time to rescue some beautiful pieces. There is a lot of time, maintenance, and repair to make sure these old beauties keep going strong. 

Click below for each press' story as well as our preferred care practices.

Who's Who: Machines of FBAC


If you would like to contribute to FBAC to help in our efforts to keep the machines in good working order check out our donate page. 

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