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Virtual Book Fairs

As if Virtual wasn't virtually everywhere this year, we have entered the scary phase of artists and art centers entering the digital age.

For many of us artists, mastery of the app skills and such, come secondary to our art. I do know many artists who are excellent online and communicate very well that way. But, alas, for most of us, it has been a very busy experience...putting up online stores, running online shows, and online only fundraising...not to mention the classes themselves.

Im interested in hearing about your experiences with online content (not County Schools - nope, not touching THAT subject!) and especially art classes.

What has been your experience? Was it by Zoom only?

Anyway, meanwhile, there are several prominent book arts transforming to online this year. Getman's Virtual Book and Paper Fair is one of these (and on right now). And next month is the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair (totally worth just looking at these old beauties).

Check them out and have a virtual great time!

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