Ultimate social-distancing: letter writing

At this time of social-distancing, we have Zoom (and other video chats), and email, and our phones to keep in contact with the ones we love and cherish. But what about a letter?

Yes, I am advocating for hand-written (or printed) letters! My name is Sara and I am the Artistic Director (the one who organizes the classes) at FBAC.

Stamps can be delivered to you by mail, and most people have envelopes and paper. It seems like this would be a great time to revive the art of writing a letter. A lot of pleasure is experienced when you receive a handwritten letter (and write one). It helps pass the time, and gives a bit of a change-up from a phone call. It lets you organize your thoughts and process what is happening around you in a more calm manner. Some people think of letter writing as a type of meditation, or relaxation, but I do it because I just like getting letters (instead of junk mail and bills).

The simple art of writing a letter is being slowly lost, but today, I have some basic tips for you. There are many variations on this:

1. Start with a clean piece of paper and an envelope. Check you have a basic stamp. Some people in your household might have stationery, so ask around. I have these personalized cards given to me years ago, so I will use that.

2. The righthand side of the top of the paper should be your address, and today's date a little below it. (Yes, my writing is always this messy...sometimes it is worse!)