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The Panda Cam "Meditation"

It is strange all the little things we have had upended in 2020 (and the big things). Also strange are the habits and new rituals we have adopted to cope with this stressful year.

I started with Animal Crossing during quarantine - I know, don't judge me!

But recently, The National Zoo had a surprise during the lockdown - their panda was pregnant with her fourth(?) cub. It was a surprise because of a few different reasons, but basically because they thought her past the age of cub-bearing (how rude!) and she had been impregnated with sperm that had been frozen for years, which they didn't expect to work.

And now we have a new baby panda born on August 21st! (as yet, unnamed)

Sometimes when the day is too stressful or I need to shut off from the constant sound of this election that surrounds us every day, I tune into the Panda Cam to watch the Mother and baby (make sure to turn on the sound - they are adorable sounds).

I recently found out that several people around me are also doing the same thing - watching the Panda Cam. Its a nice reminder that life still goes on outside of us humans (Doesn't it seem strange to you that Fall is here already?)

So, today, in a very unbooklike manner, I suggest you check out the Panda Cam and spend a few moments in peace (or headphones) watching the baby panda curled up and Mother and baby making VERY cute sounds!

Here's the link: (choose Cam 2)

There is lots of fun info on the pages about pandas and the new cub and Mei Xiang (I hope I spelt that correctly). Oh, and don't forget to support the National Zoo!

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