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The Movable Book

Popup books are not just for kids (at all!). To illustrate (note the pun) this today, I would like to share this radio interview with one of the co-founders of the Movable Book Society about her collection of books...and a famous popup artist most people have never heard about...

From the interview:"Vojtěch Kubašta may well be the most prolific illustrator and graphic artist in Czech history you haven’t heard of. But without a doubt, the trained architect and modern master of the pop-up book was among the most successful artists under communism. Kubašta’s books for children were translated into dozens of languages, with tens of millions sold abroad. Thousands are in the loving hands of New York-based book collector and curator Ellen G. K. Rubin, aka “The Pop-up Lady,” author of an exhibition on the paper engineer."

To learn more about Popups and the Book Artists who create them, check out Movable Book Society ...and see if they are doing any exhibitions online or near you.

Ellen G. K. Rubin, photo: Archive of Ellen G.K.Rubin / Facebook

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