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Spin the Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune!

From the People at Hand Papermaking... We are excited this year to offer a new type of fundraising event: The Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune. We asked contemporary papermakers and paper artists across the U.S. and around the world to donate 10-12 sheets of medium-sized handmade paper. And we received more than 60 pledges of papers of all sorts: Elegant Western-style papers, beautiful Japanese, Thai, and other traditional papers of Asia, experimental papers made from rare and unusual natural fibers, dyed and colored papers, hand-decorated papers, and so much more! And you can Spin the Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune to win a unique and amazing batch of papers!

Just go to the Wheel of Fortune page on our website (or click the button directly below) and purchase your chance to win! Every purchase wins an amazing surprise batch of handmade paper. But don’t hesitate! Once we have sold as many Wheel of Fortune tickets as we have donations, the event will end. (The Wheel of Fortune drawing will take place on July 17, and ALL ticket-buyers will be matched to a papermaker.) Share photos of your handmade papers on Instagram! Tag @handpapermaking and use #paperwof and we can feature your image in our posts and Stories.

Contributors to the Handmade Paper Wheel of Fortune Annie Alexander Jane Ingram Allen May Babcock Tom Balbo Suzi Ballenger • Colin Browne • Bruce Bunting Ingrid Butler Jazmine Catasus • Lisa Cirando • Kathryn Clark Nancy Cohen Elaine Cooper Kate Couturier Amanda Degener Katherine Delamater Ilze Dilane Pam DeLuco Katy Dement Susan Mackin Dolan Nicole Donnelly Emily Duong • Jane Farmer • Lata Gedala Tatiana Ginsberg Zoe Goehring Joan Hall Mary Heebner • Lesa Hepburn • Helen Hiebert Kyle Holland • Dard Hunter III • Lois James Ann Marie Kennedy Susan Kristoferson Barbara Landes Aimee Lee • Thomas Leech • Anne McKeown • Todd Moe • The Morgan Conservatory Jill Odegaard Bridget O'Malley The Paper Circle Paper Connection International Alta Price • Brian Queen • Jackie Radford • Erica Spitzer Rasmussen Lynn Sures Margaret Rhein Amy Richard Steph Rue Gretchen Schermerhorn Peter Sowiski • Jennifer Spoon • Gail Stiffe • Mina Takahashi • Twinrocker Gibby Waitzkin • Beck Whitehead • Michelle Wilson • Paul Wong • Jenn Woodward [100% of proceeds from ticket sales will go to supporting Hand Papermaking’s ongoing operations and programs, including Hand Papermakingmagazine, Hand Papermaking Newsletter, our curated & thematic Portfolios of handmade paper, our free web and social media resources, and our newly established Black Writers Fellowship.]

As part of our goals to promote diversity and address inequities in our organization and programs, Hand Papermaking has established the Black Writers Fellowship to foster and promote new scholarship in our field by Black writers. You can help us launch this new program by clicking on the donate button below.

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