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Print Day in May is coming - May 2

Join FBAC and the World for an online Print Day in May this year! On May 1-3rd, we will be sharing our printmaking prints on social media using the hashtags #printdayinmay #fbac #fbacprintdayinmay2020 #fbacprintmaking #fbacsharingmyprintsfromhome #fbacprintdayinmay

Please join us and make a print from one of our tutorials or use one from a previous class and upload it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with these hashtags. Also, make sure to connect with us by calling us out @frederickbookartscenter on Facebook, @fredbookarts on Instagram, and @FredBookArts on Twitter...we would love to see your work on ALL three! Make sure to visit the official page to see the other hashtags for posting...but don't forget to add #fbac.

Don't forget the Print Shop Naming Competition (with $100 certificate towards a class) is still going on. Tell your friends and family and share the details so that we can have THE coolest name of all time!

Check out the main page for more info (especially if you want to use any of the sponsoring products to make your prints...lots of prizes with those!) FBAC has already registered for this event, so you just have to post your pictures.

We want to see any prints: styrofoam, nature prints, monotypes, linocuts, and any others... This is the year to join the rest of the World in this cool event.

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