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Poetry and Causes

Many of you have been watching recent news and events happening around this country, and some of you (hopefully) have been thinking of more ways to help. We have had a lot of mask-sewing for Frederick and the community has been very supportive of local businesses, amongst many other things.

Book Arts Centers (and art centers in general) and Politics goes hand-in-hand. We at FBAC believe in equality for everyone.

Poetry has LONG been a protest check out this fundraiser and see if you can assist in even a tiny way to support black-owned businesses and organizations helping the African-American Community-- this is important!

One Fellow Arts Group has been circulating this for Poetry and Protests...its a cool cause and I just wanted to share it today on this blog to see if we can get them some more support.

Some details from their website:

"Poetry for Persistence is a new artist-driven print fundraiser and distribution initiative organized by Press Press and Printed Matter. The project aims to raise funds for organizations whose work and advocacy are especially crucial in this moment, with an emphasis on Baltimore-based groups. As part of Poetry for Persistence, eleven artists, writers, and organizers have produced risograph-printed artworks reflecting on a set of prompts and sharing visions of collectivity, care, joy, sanctuary, future, and possibility. What does our future look like? What does joy look and feel like? How can we hold ourselves and one another through grief and loss? How do we build sanctuary? How do we honor and care for the collective? What does liberation look like?

Proceeds from the sale of the editions will be distributed across six organizations and initiatives: Baltimore Action Legal Team's Community Bail Fund, Sex Workers Outreach Project Baltimore, Baltimore Safe Haven, Keith Davis Jr. Legal Defense Fund, BYP100, & The Free Black Women's Library's Sister Outsider Relief Grant. Alongside the riso prints, the project also circulates care packets made up of collaborative xerox-printed artwork and poetry contributed by community members and gathered by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo and Kimi Hanauer. Print packets are freely distributed by mail to organizers, front-line workers, elders, and others who are collectively guiding us into a more just world in the midst of a global health crisis and fight for Black liberation. All are invited to contribute names of their loved ones and heroes to this growing list, with priority given to BIPOC LGBTQAI+ individuals.

Independent presses, artists, cultural organizers, and others are invited to participate by contributing uplifting poetry, quotes, and artwork - submissions will be printed and distributed in local communities and added to care packages. Please email to get involved. Riso print editions are created by: Abdu Ali + Karryl Eugene (As They Lay), Bilphena Yahwon, Denise Shanté Brown, Georgia McCandlish, Kimi Hanauer, Lizania Cruz, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Mimi Zhu, Nnennaya Amuchie, Shan Wallace, and Taeyoon Choi."

This image is from the website for "Poetry for Persistence"

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