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More Helen Hiebert

I know that I have written about the work of Helen Hiebert before (famous book and paper artist in the USA- ok, she's famous worldwide), but I have a video of a class of hers and the work they have done that I thought was great.

Helen, like most of us, is putting up a few online classes in place of the Summer Bonanza of classes we would normally offer. FBAC will have ones VERY soon.

This is from her Flexible Book Structures class she ran:

If you haven't taken an online art class, consider it as an option. We can all still have fun learning while "social distancing". FBAC has classes coming (and more fun events). But, for now, you can support us and our artists by looking at our online store (buying things is even better!) We are at: or visit us through the link on our website (lots of new material going up on there soon).

Pictured:Envelope photo album by Bonnie Julien. Taken after Helen's class that just finished.

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