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Meet Rick Black, Book Artist!

I met Rick a few years ago at Pyramid Atlantic's Book Arts Show, and have always loved his work. He puts such detail into all his books (I have one of his tiny ones on war/peace, which is VERY cool). The Amichai Windows artists' book is really amazing, and the pictures do not truly do it justice - it is SO much work to make this edition and he put his heart and soul into this project.

Please read this article from CBAA (College book Arts Association). I

f you are a book artist in college or teaching and are NOT part of CBAA, you should consider joining. Plus they have THE MOST FUN conferences (I know, not something you hear often, right!) and FBAC sends one representative to the conference each year (this Jan was Sarah Matthews, last year was Kayleigh Montgomery).

Read about his work here:

"The Amichai Windows, Interior of Opened Enclosure, 2017, digital prints in tryptichs with letterpressed poems" From the CBAA newsletter last week and their article on Rick Black. Photo credit to CBAA newsletter.

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