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Madeline's Paste Paper - A look at Madeline Durham's Work

Most people in Book Arts or bookbinding have heard of Madeline Durham's paste papers. Paste Papers are the linings inside the cover of books that are usually adhered to the inside of the cover. Madeline makes some of the most unique and beautiful paste papers I have seen and I love her work.

Frederick Book Arts Center has paste paper parties throughout the year (normally) and there are lots of ways to make paste papers (some much neater than others for doing from home). If you have paints or flour (a less accessible item lately), then you can make paste paper.

Artisan Store in Santa Fe, NM, made this interview video of her and her work. It is rather good and REALLY interesting.

She also has some time-lapse videos of her working on various paste papers that make this look SO easy (it's not- her work is unique for a reason)..but I did once find a carpet overseas in a hotel foyer that looked like her papers! (ok, that's a dubious connection).

Here are the time-lapse videos - so relaxing.

Here are some of the ones that I have at home..sorry, I only have her papers in neutral colors. The blues of hers are the most amazing.

Maybe FBAC will get some of Madeline's paste papers in for our soon-to-open online store?

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