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Looking at Ansel Adams - the Great Western USA Landscape

A LOT of people know the name Ansel Adams. He's that guy who photographed grand pictures of the Western and Interior of the USA years ago (Think Yosemite Park classic photos).

Now there is an exhibition going on about his work, and Fine Books Magazine has a really interesting article about "A Fresh look at Ansel Adams".

In case you just want to see the exhibition and not read about the amazing new books about his life and's that link too:

Yes, the exhibition is in Arkansas for all those who do not live nearby (including me), but if you scroll down a bit on the exhibition page, there is a preview of the work which I suggest using a big screen (Maximize your screen settings on whichever device you are using) to get the full benefit of these wonderful photographs.

For those who want to know more about his life, here's the Wiki link:

It's fascinating!

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