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Fav Bookstores

I love bookstores. I love their smell, and the tactile experience of buying a book (without an app). At the moment, this is a little more difficult for some people (for the more obvious reason...oh, and many bookstores are still closed.)

Despite the struggle that bookstores and many other businesses are going through right now, I still have my favs that I like to check in on.

  1. Powell's (Portland, Oregon) -

I know this may be a little far away for people and Portland has been a little "busy" lately, but this city has a VERY large bookstore. It is up there with Voodoo Donuts in Portland (I did a trip detour JUST for those two).

2. Curious Iguana (Frederick, MD) -

This is our local friendly Indie bookstore in Frederick. The people who work there are wonderful and say hello to Marlene, the owner, when you visit. They also have a great online site and their book recommendations for people are just perfect (so rare to find THAT nowadays).

3. The Kelmscott Bookshop (Baltimore, MD) -

Many of you may not have heard of this gem. It is a bookstore for the more books people - collectables, rare editions, cool old prints, artists books, and much many out-of-print books that can't be found elsewhere.

4. Abe's Books (NYC, NY) -

Think collectible meets NYC elegant - yes, check it out for the fun of it. A Worldwide connection of booksellers for antique books.

5. Vamp & Tramp (Birmingham, AL) -

Awesome artists books and fine press books. And they can help you find anything!

Just look at this video of one of their books they sell ...

Stills from the video: Dirk Hagner's "Spring Swan" (so beautiful..but the video demonstrated this best)

Oh yeah, and support your local Indie Bookstore...everyone is going through a lot. And if you HAVE to use that online site that we all eventually have to turn to for rapid deliveries, use instead and help us too. Just make sure to "turn on" the charity name at the "Supporting" section (see image below). You can search for us by name...just like it is written in the pic.

And Thank You for your Support.

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