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Faith Ringgold, story quilts, art & activism

The 1960s were (also) a rapidly changing time in US history. Art has always been a part of activism and a potential voice to many voiceless souls.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is a great museum in DC. It's great because it's big. It's great because it's a museum dedicated to women's art and to furthering the cause of women artists. And this is IMPORTANT.

Art News said that only about 11% of acquisitions in museums and galleries in the USA are art created by women (especially considering how MANY women artists there are!).

If you didn't know any of this, Faith Ringgold is a great place to start a fun read about art and activism: J

If you did know this, consider this a fun refresher and a way to find out more information about how art and activism go hand-in-hand through the lens of a great artist.

There is a video to watch about Faith and her work, and DON'T miss the wonderful link at the end of NMWA's blog: Quiltuduko...

Photo credit: Faith Ringgold discusses her work on view at NMWA in the 2013 exhibitionAmerican People, Black Light: Faith Ringgold’s Paintings of the 1960s; Photo: Laura Hoffman, NMWA

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