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Type designers have a unusually interesting job (even for those of us NOT into type that much). The Typographical Festival (earlier blog last week), has this one event I thought people might be interested in tuning in to.

...they have a fun "q and a" session with a typographer...

"Conferences are also about socializing with friends and meeting new ones. Here's your chance to hangout with Jesse and Ben and others.

About this Event Ever want to ask a type designer what they think about X? Or, how do they do Y? Or possibly, how does one commission Z? Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan —partners in XYZ Type— will virtually open their studios to answer your questions about typeface design and their practice. They will also show in-progress work and gems from their book collections. XYZ Type is an independent type foundry established in 2017. Ben and Jesse have worked as typeface designers for over thirty years combined, both as freelancers, other foundries (House Industries and Hoefler & Frere-Jones), and as partners running XYZ Type. They publish retail typefaces, design custom typefaces & logotypes, and dabble in font technology." (from their Eventbrite page)

If you want to check this out, or other online events of theirs during this festival, follow the links.

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