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Conversations with Artists

Arrowmont is an art and craft school in Tennessee, which has some fascinating stuff up on their website to peruse!

One of these is the Arrowmont Craft Conversation video series with Bill Griffith.

From their website: "ARROWMONT CRAFT CONVERSATIONS is a video series that highlights artists in the Arrowmont community. Our partnership with Arrowmont faculty and community members has contributed to Arrowmont’s outstanding reputation. The artists who appear in this series exemplify the characteristics that represent the School — among the most experienced, capable, and innovative in the arts and crafts world.

Each of the artists in this series offers insights into their work and their reflections on being a part of the Arrowmont community. Artists in the series include Erin Anfinson, Heather Ashworth, Leslie D. Boyd, Miriam Carpenter, Emily Cobb, Sunshine Cobb, John Cogswell, Andrea Keys Connell, Josh Copus, Mark Errol, Susan Fecho, Frances Fox, Bill Griffith, Buie Hancock, Chris Hoehle, Richard W. James, Jeana Eve Klein, Zeke Leonard, Emmy Lingscheit, Andy McFate, Danielle Muzina, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Jaques Vesery, and more."

These are some AWESOME artists in many check it out. Potters, painters, bookbinders...

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