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To those of you who know me, you would know that I am a huge supporter of local Indie Bookstores over huge conglomerates. The local bookstore is a joy, not just because it supports the local economy of an area, but also because of the wonder of wandering.

It is this concept of wandering amongst books that has been largely lost in a time of online purchasing. I must admit, I miss this part the most about buying a book online (which I am forced to do at the moment). The sheer discovery of a book, the serendipity of a chance finding, the notion of coming into the store for one thing and finding something completely different...

In these Covid-19 times, wandering into your local Indie Bookstore is not so easy. In Frederick, we have The Curious Iguana. They have a website you can order from directly and they send you your books (I think curbside pickup is over now, but check with them first). Make sure to read through the groups of titles they put together, especially the "It could be worse" section!

The wonders of being able to support your local indie bookstore STILL during these times is vital. This website gives you the option of looking up your local bookstore so that they get the benefits of some of the sale. And you get to know that you are helping your local economy.

Plus, I found some great books to help me through the quarantine time...a much-needed sanity break from family (even though I love them dearly).

Fragonard, "Young Girl Reading". c 1770

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