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If typography is your thing (to all those graphic design peeps!), check out the Typographics 2020 Book Fair.

With Covid-19 invading our lives, artists have had to become a little more creative about how fairs and shows are held..and this is a good example. There are booksellers featured and their stores, talks and lectures and so much more for you typies!

From the Fair webpage: "This year’s Typographics will feature the 5th Typographics Book Fair in an online format, with items for sale from some of our favorite booksellers, July 22–26.

Due to recent schedule changes around Covid-19, the Book Fair is taking place online this year. There will be a wide diversity of material available relating to typography, lettering, design, etc, with everything from rare antiquarian type specimens to contemporary titles on modern graphic design."

Okay, it sounds go have a look.

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