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This is NOT meant to be a "downer" blog. Actually, at this momentous 101st blog of this year, I would like to ask you, as readers, to tell me what art you have been working on and how you have been inspired this year.

When we started writing this blog, I assumed, like many others, that this virus was short-term and quarantine would seem simple. Now, months later (and many opening and retractions by states), we all know it is not temporary.

It will change us forever.

It will change the art centers forever. And many will not survive the closures and expenses, and changes in donations for 2020. It also showed us the need for places like FBAC for activism and giving a voice to everyone in the community.

So, in this crazy but momentous year - What did you get inspired to do this year? This is what we would like to do for this 101st blog...we want to hear your inspired stories!

Did you get that photo book project finished from that trip 10 years ago?

Did you take up a new arts or crafts hobby?

Did you complete that piece of art work that was gathering dust in your home?

We would LOVE to see all your work and to hear from you. Feel free to comment and share images on any of our social media platforms (FB, Instagram, Twitter, or the blog directly).

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