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The (Ongoing) Story of FBAC

Just a look back at 2019...pre-pandemic.

We are BACK in the classrooms, and we look forward to seeing your faces.


It's been a busy year for FBAC. And we will soon be back to this level of "busy".


Thank you for sharing in this journey with us; here is a short video of just how far we have come!

So many lovely books have been made inside our doors; check out just some of our student's creations!

Check out some of the things that have been made this year with our letterpresses. We've done everything from wedding invitations to posters!

Our printmakers have been hard at work as well creating lots of amazing prints. And our brand new 30x52 French Tool Press just arrived!

Here's a fun short look into our week-long artists' book intensive that took place this past Summer. In this 30 hour class students learned how to produce an artists book from beginning to end!

Being part of the Greater Frederick Community is SO important to us...look at what we have been doing since last year!

Visit our YouTube channel to see more!

Or look at our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram... 

stay tuned for updates on our NEW BUILDING IN THE CARROLL STREET CREATIVE DISTRICT: construction is going on now!

Please continue to help us grow and thrive at FBAC

You are an important part of our story...

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