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Thinking of Teaching at FBAC?

Teaching at Frederick Book Arts Center can be rewarding and fun!

For those people already engaged in teaching, adapting to Zoom has been a challenge; and for those teachers just entering the field this year, we understand the extra stress. 

FBAC would be alongside you during this time!

We are currently accepting teacher applications for Summer classes (for Zoom classes only at the moment). If you have taught on Zoom, please feel free to fill out our Google form for teachers below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

FBAC has an online system for managing teacher forms (and we can guide you through any pesky paperwork if that is not your thing!) It is a secure and comfortable system where you will not have to worry about your information!

Please click the button below to begin the application process.

And, Thank You, for choosing Frederick Book Arts Center!

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