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Bring your vision to life with FBAC’s silkscreen printing services while supporting local artists and small businesses
Welcome to Frederick Book Arts Silkscreen Studio. A satellite location of the Frederick Book Arts center, our Silkscreen Studio works to bring you hand printed goods with a personal touch. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just purchasing a unique product; you’re also supporting a vibrant community of creators ready to bring your dream to life.

Connect with FBAC’s Silkscreen Studio,let’s create something special together.

We are a smaller scale, artist-run operation. You as a customer can be sure your order was made with the utmost artistic care, all the while supporting local artisans and businesses. 

Designs can be custom drawn by our team or rendered from an artist's work of your own, bearing in mind copyright laws. We can print on a variety of t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, bandanas, or towels.

The link below has details on how to contact the screen print shop directly as well as an order form to request an estimate. 

A glimpse into the silkscreen studio

If you have additional questions or trouble with the form link, please contact us:

phone: 301-228-9816
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