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Rachel Hazel and BookLove

Rachel is known as the Traveling Bookbinder. She has annual trips for novice and experienced bookbinders to Scotland and many other places around the world that are a lot of fun.

She also has a wonderful online course for anyone who loves books and paper.

It is called BookLove.

From her newsletter: "A full two weeks of instruction to guide you through the process of designing and binding books of your own - we start on September 21st.

This class is not just folding, sewing and gluing techniques, but hand lettering, fool-proof writing exercises and inspiring links to an array of book artists, connecting you with like-minded makers around the world.

"I realize part of what I love about making books is there is a clear process and steps you can follow... In this time of uncertainty I love the knowledge, the certainty that when I finish I will have a book." Genevieve

Save 20% with the codeNEWPAGE20 - valid until September 1st."

Its a great e-course taught by a fun teacher. Tune in if you are looking for something to do, especially if you are quarantined for any reason - or just bored by the weather!

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