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Make A Scratch Book - for those who missed this post!

This is an easy book to make with children at home that uses few materials. This is a project submitted by our Associate Artist for Bookbinding, Ann Neslen.

1. To start, gather your supplies:

* Scissors

* Copy paper (10 or so sheets)

* 2 sheets of rainbow scratch paper (or drawing/construction paper to decorate)

* hole punch or something that works in a similar manner

* ribbon or string (floss works in dire circumstances )

2. Fold the copy paper in half. Open this up again and lay on top of a stack of 4 or so sheets. Use the folded line as a guide to cut the stack of paper in half. Repeat this process until all paper is cut.

3. Cut your rainbow scratch (or construction paper) to the same size as the copy paper.

4. Decorate your cover papers. Scratch designs, draw, or paint (if you are using drawing paper).

5. Sandwich your finished covers one on top of the stack of papers and one on the bottom.

5. Punch two holes approximately 1" from the top and bottom of your book.

Thread ribbon (or other cord) through top and bottom holes and tie tight into a double-knotted bow.

Enjoy filling up your finished book!

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