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Blurb Books

Many people who are interested in making a book come to see us. But not all people want a letterpress prints book or even a handmade one - they want a keepsake or memory book.

Well, today, I want to explain a little about Blurb. As some of you know, FBAC obtained four new desktop computers with all the Adobe gear (awesome!) and these are not just for small projects, but we also plan to teach some graphics work like image editing ...and also making your own "publishable" book through Blurb.

We use Blurb as a plug-in to Adobe ( for everyone like me: this means we add a piece of an external program to the one on our computer) and make books. It takes a little bit to get the hang of it, but Blurb is an excellent writing tool for that special book project.

Here is a video showing someone else's process on Blurb (everyone does it different).

Not every book creation has to be THIS detailed. And we have teachers who will gladly teach you a one-on-one class for using Blurb!

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