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We "heart" books

Since we ARE called Frederick Book Arts Center, part of name does evoke our love for books. Its not all we do (at all), but bookbinding and making artists books is part of our classes we offer.

Today, for those who want the hands-on busyness during this time, I refer you again to the blog about Sarah Matthews' online videos for making a few book variations, until we have more online guidance for classes.

For those who just need the escape and have others at home with them or need help with work they have, I can highly recommend looking up what your local libraries are doing... yes, I said libraries! FCPL, in our area ( ) has a variety of programming they are making available online. That means access to heaps of resources for students of all ages such as music, comics, and books, and also story times. At 10am each day, a story is read aimed for the 6 and under crowd. At nighttime, Treasure Island, is being read a chapter at a time (ok, even I could get into that!).

The amount of content and resources being thrown open by the libraries at this time is timely. Books (and work) are part of what makes isolation bearable. We have a long association of books with quietness and stillness (I highly recommend picking up a book, or listening to an audiobook).

But books don't mean complete social isolation. Talk to a few friends and create a book club online (or use a video chat which does make it a little more fun, or wine and books and video chat ). Take the book challenge (run by the libraries). Challenge some friends in reading something together. Record a book reading for a neighbor's kid, chapter by chapter, and then share it via email - talk to the kids parents first though. And remember that the Maryland Book Bank has books and other resources available as well. Get creative!

Throughout history, books have meant less about isolation and more about sharing and the interaction of ideas. That is one of the reasons we have books; to discuss and share ideas. Keep your mind active and support your friends. So, go online or pick up your phone and talk with some friends and colleagues and set a book meetup. Or even actually date this way...and let us know how it goes.

And, remember, the first rule of Book Club is "Please talk about Book Club"!

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