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Free Rental of Making Faces Film

A film and message from our friends at P22

Hello P22 folks,

You don’t need another email from a company telling you what we are doing to keep you safe from Covid-19. These are strange times and we of course all need to follow the advice of real scientists and medical professionals. We at P22 have been practicing social distancing as part of our daily routine and we commit to remaining aloof and vaguely optimistic as we continue to work on various projects. Since we all will be spending much more time in our homes, we want to offer you a way to spend an hour distracted from the outside world. For the next month (until 4/24/2020), you can get a free rental of our Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century film. This film offers a glimpse into the creative process—and joie de vivre in the act of ‘making’—from the late Jim Rimmer. No obligation nor purchase necessary—just use code: OMEGA22 at the P22 Vimeo On Demand Page.

Feel free to share this link with students and others you feel may be interested.

Stay safe and whenever possible—support your local small businesses and artists. This is going to be a strange year. Let’s get through this soon!

With best wishes, from P22 Type Foundry. (and FBAC)

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