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The Water Project

Lots of projects to help people are going on in the Arts World, all over the world. Here's an interesting ongoing one lead by The Printmaking Sisters in Australia. This is a great way to support communities in India who need water.

And here is an intro to this fabulous project to help get clean water and sanitary conditions : on which the Water Project is based. It's a great cause and worthwhile spending a small amount of time to contribute some art towards.

During these times it is difficult to remove ourselves from the whole, overwhelming situation we find ourselves now in and to reach out and help others around the globe. Projects like these give us a chance to see the world as a whole (and the other problems going on besides Covid-19) instead of staying in our bubbles.

If you can, find a way to support your local community. If you want to do more, reach out and help one of these organizations (or another one with essential aims) to help others with their basic needs.

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