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Take care of Yourselves

Sometimes I get weird mail and emails from places. For instance, I am signed up (no matter how many times I try to withdraw) on the AARP list because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. They just assume that I am that old and put me back on the list every doctors visit!

Recently, AARP ACTUALLY sent me an email with a link to a blog post that was ACTUALLY helpful...and I wanted to pass along their advice to everyone out there. These are stressful times and we all have people to check on, look in on, take care of, and more. And some of us have family or friends lost to this virus or sick at home or in hospitals. Some people have family that was already ill or even terminal before Covid19 hit.

This is a guide to self-care during Covid19.

Too often, we sacrifice our time for others but forget to self-care. That leads to being run-down and then usually illness or exhaustion. Even if you think YOU are not doing this, someone around you is. Please take care of yourselves as well. The community is made up of its parts - and YOU are a key part.

And please pass this on to someone you know who may really need this, or sit down (over Zoom or whatever) and have a quiet talk. This is important and it can save lives.

You could even set aside one little thing for just yourself each day.

And have some deserve it!

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