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Paper Routes - Women Artists to Watch!

The National Museum of Women in the Arts has a great exhibit to check out right now. This can give you an idea of all the things that can be done with paper and features some fab artists.

Open through January 18, 2021

The Women to Watch exhibition series is a dynamic collaboration between the museum and the national and international outreach committees presented every two to three years. This initiative increases the visibility of emerging and underrepresented artists from each committee's respective region.

Twenty-two artists featured in Paper Routes respond to the many uses and cultural associations of paper—from protest signs to packaging, from lottery tickets, to wallpaper. Some highlight the delicate properties of paper through meticulous cuts, resulting in elaborate forms, patterns, and designs. Others compact and consolidate the material, forming surprisingly dense and monumental sculptures. Paper Routes highlights and celebrates this diversity of approaches and the transformation of this ubiquitous and eclectic material into complex works of art.

Over the summer, we invited the artists to give us a glimpse into their studios and creative processes. Below are the links to their studio tours and audio guides. We welcome you to get to know the artists." (from their site/newsletter)

Follow the links...

There is also an online exhibition if you can't make it in person, and wonderful studio tours of these artists online.

Have fun and delve into the world of these paper artists!

Image credit: NMWA Paper Routes exhibit.

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