Make a Zine with FBAC!

Hey FBAC friends,

Our Printmaking Associate, Sarah Matthews, recently received the College Book Art Association (CBAA) Rising Together Microgrant to teach a Zine class at FBAC. However, due to the quarantine, we were unable to make this happen in person. So, Sarah has created a YouTube video to show you how to make an 8-Fold Zine. This will be an excellent opportunity to capture your thoughts, frustrations, anxieties, and feelings about COVID 19 into your zine so that you will have a record of it and be able to share it with your friends and family. 

What we need you to do?

  • Watch the video –

  • Make your zine. You can decorate your zine anyway you like…collage, drawings, photoshop, etc.

  • Click here for the instructions.

  • Scan it and email it to CBAA and copy

  •  Click here for the instructions. 

  • This means your zine will become a part of CBAA’s digital archive (great for your CV).

  • Post pics on Instagram and use the hashtags #FBACzines and #quaranzine so we can find you and feature your zine on our Instagram page.

If you have any questions, email Sarah at

Thank you!