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Let me “Rubber Stamp” that!

Sometimes things come across your newsfeeds on social media that are just too good not to share. This was one of Esther Smith's posts on Aug 21st about a cool rubber stamp store in NYC. (Thank you Esther - and I love your bookbinding books!)

Printmakers and rubber stamps have a somewhat rocky relationship. Many argue that it destroys the creativity and skill part of the printmaking process. Others see it as a good tool to have for their printmaking.

This is a clip about one of the more famous rubber stamp stores in the country, Casey's Rubber Stamps. Its cool, fun and really interesting:

As you may know (or you do now), Sarah Matthews makes Foamie Stamps (which we carry in our FBAC online store)...feel free to check them out or watch her video on Foamies.

Oh, and join us for our Online Auction starting in September...

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