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It's International Zine Month!

And that means fun and events online...and then more fun...

In the month of July I’d love for you to celebrate zines and independent publishing with people all over the world. This is not a spectator sport! I’m asking your to get involved!

Here are just some idea please send me more if you have them:

Set up a zine reading, a zine swap, a cut and paste party, a zine fest, or even a simple zine workshop at your local library or community center. Write a letter to every zine you read, leave your zine at random places around town like buses, bathrooms or universities. Order zines directly from the creator, make a shirt with iron on letters that says “ask me about zines”, make buttons with phrases like “zines saved my life” or “do you read zines”. Send out zine fliers with your mail or leave them around your town. Approach shops in your town about carrying zines, donate to zine libraries…..

This website is a place for people to submit information about local zine happenings and I’ll post them in the events section here.


Alex Wrekk" (from their ABOUT page)

Have fun and join in the events. Great for experts and just interested peeps! Remember Zines come in all shapes and sizes and have VERY different content - not just (or even) a comic book!

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