A Few of Our Favorite Things

Today, we wanted to share a few tips on our favorite books (for kids and adults) and some online and local stores which have supplies you might want. Our staff and associate artists added a few of their best books they love for projects and ideas to make these lists.

If you don't buy local, please consider using where Amazon donates a portion towards a charity of your choice. If you want to choose FBAC as your charity to benefit from any of these purchases, we have instructions at the bottom of this blog.

Below are lists for our personal: a) 10 Fav books for kids and parents, b) 10 Fav books for adults, c) Fav kids Supplies, d) Fav Stores for supplies, and e) How to set Smile.Amazon to a charity so they can benefit.

Fav Books for kids and parents:

  1. Esther Smith: Magic Books

  2. Esther Smith: Making Books with kids (not just books but other art projects)

  3. Cheong-Ah  Hwang : Creative paper Cutting

  4. H Yamazaki: Japanese Paper Flowers