Manual photography.jpg

Getting out of Auto

Canceled April 16 6-9pm

Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera in this introductory course to manual digital photography. (14 and up)

Instructor: Charlotte Mauler Hayes




Polaroid Photography

Canceled May 16 1-5pm

Explore Downtown Frederick and learn the different types of Polaroid cameras in this Saturday class when the light is just right.

Instructor: Pam Heemskerk



Photo editing.jpg

Pop Goes the Photo

Canceled May 7 6-9pm

Learn how to use lightroom and photoshop to make your digital photos pop! 14 and up.

Instructor: Charlotte Mauler Hayes



Horse of a different color.jpeg

Horse (or Zebra) of a Different Color 

Canceled May 14 6-9pm

Learn how to turn an ordinary zebra into something extraordinary with this intro to Photoshop course. 14 and up.

Instructor: Charlotte Mauler Hayes