Earth Day with FBAC

Here at FBAC we love to preserve the history and skill of all things related to book arts; but there is also something that is just as important to us and that is our amazing home: Planet Earth. So we would like to take Earth Day to focus our art on our Planet with 3 fun ways to spark your creativity!


Pop-by and learn a Pop-up Earth card! 

This How to Video shows how you can create an Earth-shaped pop-up card with a fun way to reuse recycled materials. All you need is some scrap paper, scissors, and a glue stick! Don’t forget to bring your imagination and your favorite paint, markers, or anything that sparkles your creative side. You can find the video on our Facebook Event Page and our YouTube Channel, so join us to take a craft break and celebrate our planet.

Earth Day Art Show Slide Show!

You can also find the Slide Show on our YouTube Channel here!